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There seems little doubt among historians and preservationists that Hill patterned the interior of the Siasconset Casino after the eponymous Newport tennis club.

It provides an organization through which the residents may meet to discuss matters of common interest affecting casino community. Today the building retains its simplicity, but has gambling laws in an established patina of elegance with its shingled buttresses, enclosed sconset and side porches, several additions, and dense landscaping. Despite its grand name, the building, designed by architect John Coffins, was to be of a simple design that provided a large sconset casino room with a stage and several small antechambers for set-building, dressing rooms, and smoking. Originally, it was a simple building with none of the epic Victorian rococo so popular in late-nineteenth-century architecture. Two clay tennis courts were planned for the backyard. Hill, who married a Nantucket Starbuck and summered in 'Sconset, is credited with respecting the local desire for keeping the Casino simple as well as for vastly improving the acoustics in the big room. Casinos which comes from the Italian word cascina or "little house" were popular on country estates in the eighteenth century and were built for recreational and sporting activities.

Nantucket Wedding at Siasconset Casino, Liza & James. Liza & James were married in an outdoor ceremony in Sconset with their reception following. The Casino by Amy Jenness. IN , IF THE SIASCONSET SUMMER CROWD wanted to hold a dance or stage a musical they had to use the railroad station. Nantucket Wedding at The Siasconset Casino excasino-best.xyz Great Harbor Yacht Club http.

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